Thanks for visiting High Stress Therapy, a site dedicated to encouraging better mental health. HST has three goals:

  • Encouraging better mental health through a method of your own choosing.
  • Encouraging better mental health by opening up and talking about our problems.
  • Encouraging better mental health by noticing the signs of problems in others.

A stadium tour is ongoing to highlight these aims. By spreading the message, the hope is that people will explore, be more aware of, and talk about mental health issues. Football grounds will be the main focus of posts but any sports stadiums will be mentioned if they’re spotted. This is an added benefit as sports stars and fans are considered worryingly silent on mental health problems.

A more in-depth look at the history of the tour can be found in the About section. Blog posts from the various stadiums are archived in the Tour page, with the latest journeys in the panel below.

HST is also active on social media platforms to highlight stories and news on mental health, as well as giving updates on the stadium tour. All the follow buttons are at the bottom of each page along with some useful links to mental health organisations and charities.